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What Is A Gold Series Vehicle?
A group of CCAQ dealer members who joined forces to promote sales of used vehicles in their dealerships. Gold Series is a dealer showcase available to the public and key players in the used vehicle market. Gold Series’s strategy is aimed at controlling all variables that might have an influence on used vehicle sales by our members.

Some of the advantages of buying a certified used vehicle:

One-hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren’t completely happy with your used vehicle, you can change it within 10 days, or 1000 km, for another of equivalent or higher value. Certain conditions apply. Ask your dealer for more information.
The best quality-price ratio for mileage and vehicle condition in the used vehicle market today.
A guarantee that the vehicle’s ownership has been checked and that it is discharged from all liens and security interests.
Extended warranties are direct from the manufacturer; as a result, genuine manufacturer’s parts are used for repairs.
Transaction with a Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec permit holder, governed by the strict code of ethics of the Corporation des concessionaires d’automobiles du Québec.
Prime-rate financing onsite from reputable financial institutions.
Inspection of every vehicle sold. Every vehicle comes with documentation clearly stating condition and a verified mileage certification.
The opportunity to take any vehicle for a road test and have it inspected by the mechanic of your choice.

Automobile List Price and Sales Price

The difference between a vehicle’s list price and its sales price depends on a range of factors relating to the general condition and mileage of the used vehicle. Sales price is based on choice, facts and the history of the vehicle. List price reflects the vehicle in perfect condition.

Dealers know how to determine the exact value of each used vehicle sold in their lots. Their estimates are based on meticulous inspection, so you know you’re getting reliability and performance at a fair price.

Get the Best Used Vehicles at the Outset

Since dealers have first pick of the best available used vehicles, they can offer the best market value for them. They, more than anyone, know how to examine a new vehicle on the lot. They’ll detect the kind of details of concern to you.

Purchasing a Certified Used Vehicle

Each used vehicle purchase is 100-percent guaranteed by the dealer, in three distinct ways:

First, mileage and ownership validation are certified on all used vehicle sales documents.
Second, you’ll get a guarantee in writing that only genuine manufacturer's parts have been used.
Finally, the legal warranty on used vehicles in Quebec is fully respected. You can also obtain an extended warranty that ensures you’ll only get genuine manufacturer’s parts throughout the coverage period. Certain conditions apply.

Purchasing a Used Vehicle with Confidence

When you purchase a used vehicle from a Gold Series dealer, you’re putting yourself in good hands. Gold Series dealers will fully abide by their warranties and maximize your long-term benefits. Make your next used vehicle purchase a positive experience. With the Gold Series dealers’ shared databases, finding that gem you’ve been looking for among the hundreds and even thousands of used vehicles just got easier!

Over 20,000 used vehicles to choose from. Happy hunting!
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